Vehicle Management

Leasecure now offers a comprehensive vehicle management solution: from National Account cards to competitive vehicle management services.

Vehicle Management Solutions

Through a partnership with Network Fleet, one of the world’s leading vehicle maintenance providers, Leasecure is proud to offer the following products and services:

Maintenance & Repair Management

A comprehensive Maintenance and Repair Management program addresses all aspects of vehicle repairs, including both preventive and corrective maintenance. The program is designed to provide total vehicle maintenance administration and cost control through a combination of purchasing programs and pre-approved repair networks.

The program consists of a system of national account service providers designed to handle tire replacement, mechanical repairs and necessary preventive maintenance. Utilizing this extensive network of national account service providers and repair facilities, drivers are serviced quickly, conveniently and consistently.

Delivering Service Excellence

The repair facility will contact an ASE certified technician through the Customer Contact Center who will immediately assist for quick and appropriate service.

Network uses the vehicle history and your program parameters to evaluate and approve the appropriate repairs. You can set the level of authorizations for repairs, which allows Network to better assist drivers.

ASE certified technicians work with the repair facility to negotiate pricing and monitor repairs to verify they are completed in a timely manner and in accordance with ASE and industry standards. Network facilitates the repair process to get your drivers back on the road as soon as possible. Post warranty recovery is pursued on repairs that become necessary before their time.

Key Features

  • Customer contact center available via toll-free phone number, 24 hours a day, every day year round

  • Network of national account service providers and independent repair facilities wit more than 50,000 locations

  • Comprehensive quality control program to ensure the highest level of customer service

  • Less than 10 seconds average speed of the answer by the Customer Contact Center 


Key Benefits

  • Cost effective in helping to manage your company vehicles

  • Confidence in repairs and pricing overseen by trained ASE certified technicians

  • Repair facilities conveniently located near drivers

  • Guaranteeing drivers receive the highest level of service by qualified ASE certified technicians

Fuel Management

Are you looking for a way to control fuel related costs? Are you tired of continually reimbursing your drivers for fuel expenditures? Network’s fuel program utilizes a nationally accepted fuel card which can be used at over 195,000 locations nationwide. The program provides a cost efficient way to manage your company’s fuel needs, saving you time and money.
Vehicles are issued a nationally accepted Fuel Card where the driver must enter a secure PIN or Driver ID and odometer reading when the card is used at the pump. The fuel purchase is authorized electronically. Card limits set by your parameters restrict driver spending. Additionally, purchase information gathered is used to generate monthly fuel management and exception reports containing information on the location, date, time, driver name, odometer reading, number of gallons and cost per gallon of each transaction. It's an easy way to track and reduce items such as non-fuel purchases, premium fuel usage, multiple daily fill-ups, overfilling of tank capacity, etc.

Glass Repair / Replacement

Network maintains one of the largest nationwide networks of automotive glass facilities, including pre-established chains as well as those independently operated. A service representative directs drivers to the nearest repair facility and provides a purchase order number for service payment.In the event a vehicle cannot be driven and, if mobile installation service is available, we will arrange for glass to be repaired or replaced at the driver's home, office or another convenient location.

Motor Vehicle Records Check

What do you know about your drivers? Every driver has a safety record, which includes a complete and accurate public record of past accidents and traffic violations. Network offers Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) checks which help to identify drivers that require immediate driving behavior changes. This information is accessed from the Department of Motor Vehicles in all 50 states and allows you to promote safety with drivers, as well as, reduce fleet liability.

National Account

The National Account Program keeps you in control of your driver's spending and repair authorizations. The program is designed to provide total preventive and corrective maintenance to your vehicles while controlling costs.
Every vehicle is assigned a vehicle maintenance guide. Services are performed according to the maintenance schedule at one of the thousands of national account service facilities located nationwide. For unanticipated services or repairs that may arise, drivers are covered by the vehicle maintenance guide. By utilizing this established network of national account service facilities, drivers are serviced quickly, conveniently and consistently. 
This is a customer managed program, meaning, a designated representative at your company takes phone calls from a driver or service facility for authorization.

Post Warranty Recovery

Network takes a proactive approach to post warranty repair consideration and actively pursues post warranty dollars on your behalf when appropriate. Claims for vehicle repairs outside of the manufacturer’s warranty are submitted on a monthly basis for post warranty consideration.

Registration Renewal Management

Network’s expert staff, averaging eight years in the automotive industry, along with its efficient use of technology makes handling registrations a painless process. Not only will this program ensure that your vehicles are properly registered (avoiding fines and unnecessary registrations), it will allow your drivers to concentrate on their primary concern – your business.


An integral part of the overall Accident Management Program, Subrogation services include reviewing police reports, rating each incident, locating insurance carriers or adverse parties and making demands for recovery of property damages incurred.
The subrogation team reviews the incident description for subrogation potential based on apparent negligence. If the incident is deemed suitable for subrogation, steps are taken to identify the negligent parties and initial contact is made to advise of Network’s position as “subrogator” for the property damage.
 When the repairs are completed, official demands for
property damages and associated losses are presented
to the negligent party or their insurance carriers. If payment
for damages is not agreed upon, Network acts as the negotiator
for settlement according to set requirements. The requirements are based in part on comparative negligence statutes, potential liability exposure and other specific settlement instructions. If negotiations fail, activities may escalate to include such remedies as Binding Arbitration, employment of an outside collection agency or placement with a legal representative.
When payment is received, the incident files are closed. Recovery dollars are distributed on a monthly basis, based on the type of recovery and applicable fees such as expenses. 


For vehicles that are determined to be a total loss, salvage specialists manage the entire disposal process from relocation to title transfer to disposition of the vehicle. The goal is to obtain the optimal return on your vehicle.
Once Network is notified of your intent to dispose of a totaled vehicle, bids are solicited from a network of licensed auto salvage dealers. Potential buyers are provided with as much information as possible including photos and estimates to ensure the highest bid is obtained.

Accident Reporting

As part of the overall Accident Management Program, Accident Reporting documents the key details following a driver’s accident. Drivers can contact the Customer Contact Center, available via a toll-free number 24 hours a day, every day, year round. Accident reporting specialists gather complete and accurate accident information that your company and insurance carrier will need. 

Rental Program

Whether your driver has been in an accident or has major vehicle repair work scheduled, all rental requests are handled in-house, giving your drivers the ease of calling one number for complete assistance.
The program utilizes one of the largest nationwide networks of rental locations, so drivers are guaranteed quick and easy access to rental vehicles.

Emergency Roadside Service

What do your drivers do if they have been in an accident, experience a flat tire or mechanical difficulties while on the road? Emergency Roadside Service (ERS) is available to drivers 24 hours a day, every day, year round. ERS is an in-house operation staffed by trained specialists, ensuring your drivers the highest level of quality and customer service.
Through a nationwide network of service facilities and vendors, drivers can expect prompt and accurate service with any of the following:
  • Towing
  • Jump starts and battery assistance
  • Flat tire repair and replacement
  • Mechanical breakdown assistance
  • Gas, oil, fluid or water delivery
  • Lockout service
  • Emergency cash assistance
  • Temporary vehicle replacement 

Collision Repair

Network utilizes an extensive network of repair facilities nationwide for Collision Repair, which is part of the overall Accident Management Program. Prices are negotiated by trained collision repair technicians ensuring the best service for the best price. All collision repair technicians are continually certified and tested through I-CAR, ASE, manufacturers, local colleges and trade schools to provide you with industry expertise.


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