Telogis: The connected vehicle software platform of choice
Our telematics, compliance and navigation software now comes fully integrated with vehicles from the world's most innovative manufacturers. What does this mean for you? With our factory-fit solutions you can benefit from richer diagnostic data, maximized up time and overall productivity ... and much more. View actionable analytics in a single view across a mixed fleet of old and new vehicles, trucks and assets.
  • Monitor a wide range of performance metrics including vehicle location, speed, hard braking or acceleration, excessive idling, oil life and engine temperature – all in real time.
  • Factory-Fit. Better data from day one. Telogis comes fully integrated with vehicles from the world’s most innovative manufacturers.

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The smarter, safer way to manage your fleet.

How It Works

Connectivity and hardware from OnStar combined with Telogis Fleet make transforming your business easy.

Location and rich vehicle data is collected by GM’s built-in OnStar hardware, and then passed along and processed using the Telogis platform.

Real-time intelligence converts the data into detailed, actionable dashboards and reports that result in greater visibility into all areas of your business.

Now you can gain new and powerful insights into overall fuel usage, location information, driver behavior, vehicle maintenance and more.

Running a mixed fleet?

If your fleet includes vehicles without GM OnStar hardware the good news is that you can still manage them all on the same Telogis platform.

Keep it simple 

If ordering vehicles, do not delete OnStar hardware.

If buying off the lot, buy vehicles equipped with OnStar hardware. If you own a vehicle, check if it has OnStar hardware.

 Optimize your fleet today by improving productivity, reducing costs and enhancing driver safety – all on the only location intelligence platform that scales to fleets of all sizes.

More under the hood of your GM vehicle

The combination of the Telogis platform and built-in OnStar hardware provides all the benefits of the industry’s leading solution plus exclusives you’ll only get with Telogis Fleet for GM: 

OnStar Hardware: Engineered and serviced by GM – backed by a full warranty and serviced by a network of more than 4,300 dealerships. OnStar’s award-winning services are sold separately and are not a prerequisite for Telogis Fleet for GM

Exclusive Insights: Access to additional vehicle health and diagnostics data only available from GM vehicles such as fuel, tire pressure (TPMS), oil-life remaining and odometer 

Cost-effective: Hardware and installation included so you keep costs in check and your vehicles on the road and making you money

Remote Access: Take advantage of a range of remote services including the ability to access and control your vehicles remotely: unlock or lock doors, start or stop the engine or activate the horn and lights

Broad Vehicle Coverage: Available in most of the great vehicles you have come to expect from GM

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