Fuel Card

Get your fuel card from Leasecure. There is no monthly cost. Never again wonder what your drivers are purchasing in addition to fuel!

See how you can benefit with your Leasecure Fuel Card!

A Strategic Resource:

  • World-class service
  • Award-winning technology
  • Leading federal / state issuer
  • Payment continuum solution set
  • 1.67 million cardholders
  • $4.5 billion annual sales
  • #1 issuer to the utility industry
  • #1 issuer to the telecommunications industry


  • Driver background checks
  • National glass discount program
  • Commercial driver’s license validation
  • Bulk, mobile fuel, and maintenance integration
  • "On-Demand" roadside assistance program

State-of-the-Art Fleet Reports:

  • Invoice report
  • Driver/vehicle report
  • Product purchase summary
  • Discount reports
  • Tax-exemption reports
  • Exception reports

Fleet Commander On-Line:

  • Account maintenance
  • Electronic bill pay
  • Controls by driver or vehicle
  • Reports on transactions per day and per month
  • Security PIN #s
  • Monthly $ limits per card/driver
  • Optional odometer tracking
  • Tax-exempt billing for qualified accounts
  • 24x7x365 customer service
  • No Voice Response Unit (VRU)
  • Always connect to a live person

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